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Gothenburg may be Sweden’s second city, but when it comes to food, this charmingly rebellious coastal town constantly punches above its weight. 

The cold, clean waters around the city provide lobster, langoustine, shrimp and fish of a quality that is hard to match anywhere else. Here, seafood is a lifestyle and the locals like to buy their shrimp straight from the fishing boats, or from the beautiful fish market hall “Feskekôrka”. 

Of course, Gothenburg has its star chefs and restaurants but what really makes the city stand out is the vitality of the restaurant scene and all the new talent and places that pop up like chantarelles in the woods outside town. Speaking of chantarelles, there’s a strong vegetarian movement in Gothenburg and a lot of chefs create magic from local produce like beets, celeriac and swede. Urban farming is big in Gothenburg and ingredients such as mushroom, ramson and berries can be picked freely almost anywhere thanks to the Swedish right of public access.


in the archipelago

The Gothenburg archipelago is located just a short ferry ride from the city centre. People have lived on many of the islands for generations, but several are uninhabited and virtually unspoiled by man. They have exceptional natural beauty and diverse wildlife. To come here, in spring, summer, autumn or winter is a real treat for body and soul. Go on a lobster safari or buy some shrimps to enjoy on a sunny rock. There is nothing quite like it.


local beer

Ever heard of Stigbergets, Poppels, All in Brewing and Dugges? You should. Gothenburg is one of Europe’s hottest hubs for craft beer and several of the city’s approximately 30 micro-breweries are among the best in the world.

Beer is always best served fresh and in Gothenburg you can visit several of the micro-breweries and take part in tastings and events. 


fika in Haga

One of the first word you will learn when visiting Sweden is “fika”. Just like the Danes love their “hygge”, Swedes take this trademark coffee-break very seriously. Many engage in a fika ritual at least a couple of times a day. What is included except for coffee may differ, but in Gothenburg, cinnamon buns are extremely popular. Head to the Haga district ant dive in to a world of pastries and buns.


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