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In China people often say, “Eat in Guangzhou”, because Guangzhou is the place to be for good food! As the origin place for the world-renowned Cantonese cuisine, Guangzhou attracts gastronomes from all around the globe all year round.

Cantonese cuisine is one of the dominant cuisines in China. It features a wide variety of cooking materials and ingredients with a light and fresh flavor. In Guangzhou, a representation standpoint of Cantonese cuisine, you can enjoy food from a wide range of choices - from upscale dining establishments to time-honored restaurants, from popular HK-style tea houses to fast-food stalls... In addition to Cantonese cuisine, in the high streets and back lanes of Guangzhou you can also taste other regional cuisines from China as well as foreign exotic flavors from Southeast Asia, France, Italy, Japan, etc. Local restaurants offer five meals a day in summer or winter to fulfill different customer needs. This various delicate great food, makes of Guangzhou a city of vitality, leisure and happiness not only for its locals but also for visitors.



 The city of Guangzhou promotes the construction of food gathering areas such as Panyu Avenue Food Cluster, Huifu Food Cluster, China Food City, and Guangzhou Food  Garden. 



Guangzhou actively participates Délice activities, such as the Délice Gathering of Bordeaux in 2016 and the Délice Gathering of Aarhus in 2017, and held the Délice Gathering of Guangzhou in 2018. It promoted the Guangzhou food culture and promoted the food culture exchange with the Délice member cities.








Guangzhou often organizes International Cooking Competitions such as The “Guangzhou International Food Festival”, every November, and many others.

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