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Madrid is a gastronomic powerhouse, with culinary offerings ranging from traditional local fare to the most innovative creations.

The entire map of Spain finds expression in restaurants that lovingly prepare specialities from other cities and regions, giving diners a chance to travel around the country on a journey of the imagination and the palate without having to move a single kilometre. Taverns dating back over a hundred years, gastronomic markets, signature restaurants renowned the world over, tapas bars and outdoor cafés make for an irresistible range of options, with a growing number of international offerings, particularly from Asia and Latin America.



For fifteen days in January, shops, restaurants and museums take part in this major event where art is a guest of honour. It’s a complete experience that invites us to celebrate every facet of gastronomy: a programme brimming with special menus, culinary routes, cooking classes and other enticing offerings. The festival is held at the same time as Madrid Fusión, an international convention which draws the world’s top chefs.



Multiple markets around the city have been transformed into veritable gastronomic wonderlands where you can just as easily fill up your shopping basket with fresh produce as meet for lunch or dinner, since their stalls offer tapas and intriguing national and international culinary creations. The markets of San Miguel, San Antón, Antón Martín and San Fernando all have a wonderful atmosphere.

Guide to Eating

in Madrid

Compiled by Madrid Destino, this guide is intended to be a basic manual to help you understand the secrets of Madrid’s gastronomy. It gives detailed explanations of typical practices and customs based on the time of day or night, so you know what to eat and how and when to order it. It includes descriptions of traditional dishes as well as a number of recommendations from specialists.

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