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Great food is undeniably the stuff of life in Montréal.

Locals all have their favourite tried-and-true restaurants, go-to take-out dishes and an ongoing list of new eateries and cafés to try.

It might take multiple return trips to decide on your own favourites, whether we're talking poutine, bagels or foie gras. From five-star restaurants and carefully prepared dishes from around the world to legendary local diners, food festivals and street-side food trucks, Montréal offers one-of-a-kind experiences for all tastes, all year round.


A Table

In the popular tradition of top food destinations around the world, Montréal’s Restaurant Week serves up delectable menus at fixed prices in a variety of restaurants throughout the city. From chic five-star restaurants to little bistros and “Bring Your Own Wine” eateries, there’s something to inspire every craving and palate.



The multicultural flavours and sights of the Jean-Talon Market have been attracting crowds to Little Italy since 1933. In addition to the ubiquitous fruit, vegetable, flower stalls and firs is a tasty array of specialty shops that feature oils, cheeses, pastries and other exquisite products that are specific to Québec.


En Lumière

A winter festival of arts and culture with an extravagant foodie twist, MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE serves up a blizzard of activities in downtown Montréal and beyond: book a multi-course meal with a famed French chef, enjoy food trucks outdoors and try workshops with renowned chefs.


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After years of hard work and wonderful responses from our international members, Délice plans to strengthen the network by extending its global presence.

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