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Stavanger is Norway’s largest food producing region, famous for its excellent raw material, its seafood from cold and deep fjords and vegetables and meat from the characteristic agricultural area of Jaeren. Clean nature provides the superb conditions for agricultural products and seafood cultivation.

There is a wide range of excellent eating places spread out in the Stavanger Region, where top ranking chefs serve high class dishes. You will find Nordic traditional food in modern wrapping and food from around the world. The chefs in Stavanger are highly regarded for their skills and creativity. Stavanger became the first Norwegian city, except for the capital, to have Michelin star restaurants. It was the restaurant RE-NAA that could boast this magic star in 2016, and another star followed the next year, to the highly praised restaurant, Sabi Omakase.

Although the city centre is small, it’s really urban and vibrant. Street art, hipster bars and cafés are popping up everywhere.

Det Norske Måltid


Det Norske Måltid” takes place in Stavanger every year in January. It is a culmination of the best food and beverage products in Norway. The festival awards the best food products in Norway and is the country's most important and most prestigious award ceremony. It aims to visualize the breadth of the country's food production and the unique raw materials that are produced.



Food Manifesto

To provide a boost to strengthen and further develop food production and food culture from the Stavanger region (Rogaland county) a food manifesto has been developed and approved by all key food stakeholders. The aim is to create pride, awareness and motivation for decisions, strategies and actions within the food sector.



Gladmat, “Happy Food” in Norwegian, has since its start in 1998 established itself as Scandinavia’s leading food festival. The festival is situated in the heart of Stavanger in the last week of July where about 100 large and small exhibitors offer a taste of both new products and traditional food. During the four days the festival lasts, about 250 000 visitors taste their way around the festival grounds. Competitions, shows and other entertainment make sure that the days are filled to the brim with fun and inspiration.


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