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Georgian gastronomy is incredibly rich in variety, from the flavors and fresh seasonal ingredients. It is full of personality with a refined and sophisticated palate. Here every region has its own authentic culinary traditions and Tbilisi brings together all the excellences from all over the country.

Complementing Georgian food in the most spectacular fashion, Tbilisi is packed with wine cellars and bodegas showcasing natural wines from all over Georgia. With 8,000 years of history, the traditional wine-making technique with lemon-shaped clay vessels is acclaimed by UNESCO. Characterized with exceptional flavor, complexity, and color Georgian wine adds an extra edge to the wine and food scene of Tbilisi.

Taste Tbilisi


Tbilisi City Hall is regularly organizing street food festivals under the name Taste Tbilisi Street Food for the startup companies in the food and beverage industry. The main aim of the market is to promote authentic Georgian street food among Georgians and gourmet travelers of the world. The festival is a perfect opportunity for street vendors to popularize their products and eateries.

Training & Preserving


Tbilisi City Hall staff is constantly organizing workshops for the people employed in the food industry. The seminars are conducted all year round and the topics include characteristics of Georgian food and wine, paring, specifications of the foreign palette. Other than that, City Hall offers seminars on managing a restaurant, branding and designing concept, working on a menu and etc. The mentors are successful chefs, restaurants, and sommeliers.


Tbilisi Food Fest

Tbilisoba is the city’s exuberant harvest holiday on the first weekend of October. This is the time when the city celebrates its birthday with the traditional food and wine from all over Georgia. The Old city becomes a center of attention with music and dance performances, as well as it’s packed with food stalls with a  generous amount of homemade meals and newly harvested wines.


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