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Wrocław is located at the crossroads of cultures and remains a multicultural, tolerant, open to diversity and modern city - which is also the description of gastronomic scene in our city. 
We have 1200 restaurants, of which almost 400 are downtown. The uniqueness of Wrocław includes: multicultural cuisine, lots of small local restaurants and cafes, where you can chat with the owner who is always there, the cradle of well-known nationwide gastronomic brands, also many fairs, markets and gastronomic events.



The fairy-tale decorations of the Market Square, original Christmas dishes and drinks as well as the multitude of other accompanying events attract thousands of guests to Wrocław. A special attraction is the gastronomic zone of the fair, which offers local and ecological food products, craft beer and wine from the Lower Silesian vineyards.

Europe on the Fork

Culinary festival

Annual culinary festival combining the cuisine of Lower Silesia with regional products and dishes from Great Britain, Croatia, Ukraine, Spain, France and Germany. In this way, we invite the citizens of Wrocław and tourists from all over the world to meet new flavors, exchange culinary experiences and celebrate together on the Wrocław Market Square.


Gastronomy Council

A social body appointed by the Mayor of Wrocław aiming at representation of the gastronomic environment interests before the local government and providing opinions and proposing the solutions of urgent issues of concern in the sector. The Council also engages in projects developing Wrocław's gastronomic brand, supporting local restaurateurs and professional education of gastronomic schools students.