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From Classrooms to (Future) Kitchens: Empowering Chefs of Tomorrow

December 14, 2023

Future Kitchens 1 Concludes 15-Month Culinary Journey

After 15 months of dedicated collaboration, the curtains are drawing to a close on "The Future in Our Kitchens: Social & Sustainable Skills for Culinary Trainees " project, commonly now known as Future Kitchens. Funded by the European Union and Erasmus+ Program, this innovative project has involved six partners: the Brigade. Coordinated by the Délice Network, the project fostered cooperation between five vocational culinary institutes from five Délice Member Cities: Campus Du Lac (Bordeaux), ESHOB (Barcelona), Gasmek (Gaziantep), Ip Colombatto (Turin), and Malmö Restaurant School (Malmö).



Kicking off in September 2022, the project ambitiously launched a European partnership between cooking schools to open the mindset of future cooks and food entrepreneurs through international cooperation. The primary focus to develop a comprehensive online training program and organize a mobility week in Barcelona, offering students a rich experience in the heart of their schooling. The goal was clear: to equip the next generation of chefs with not just culinary knowledge but also a deep understanding of social and sustainable practices.


The Brigade: Project Success Through Collaboration

The project's achievements go beyond numbers; they reflect the success of effective teamwork. The Brigade Meetings played a key role in coordinating the project. Monthly meetings ensured partners were on the same page, promoting shared responsibilities and decision-making. Unexpected challenges, like the tragic earthquake in Gaziantep and administrative challenges, tested the project's adaptability. The partners successfully navigated these challenges, showcasing the project's resilience.


Bake Talents: A Week of Culinary Experience Abroad

The project gave 15 students and 10 teachers the opportunity to meet and share experiences in Barcelona during a mobility week hosted by the partner ESHOB. This week was designed to offer intensive training and cultural immersion. It successfully broadened the perspectives of both students and accompanying teachers, raising awareness not just about the generic term "sustainability" but also prompting deeper reflection. This was achieved through numerous visits, conferences, and cooking masterclasses conducted throughout the week.


Whip Up Skills: When Cooking Training Meets Sustainability 

The Future Kitchens initiative aimed to integrate social and sustainable skills within cooking education. Throughout the project, the partnership developed a complete online culinary training program, comprising thematic cooking masterclasses and engaging discussions with entrepreneurs and professionals. The masterclasses have been created and filmed by the cooking institutes involved in Future Kitchens. Months of dedicated effort from students, teachers, and professionals have been invested in creating this insightful training program, covering a wide range of topics on social responsibility and sustainability. The program, launched in November 2023, is accessible to everyone for free here.


Potential for Future Kitchens 2.0

In conclusion, "The Future in our Kitchens" is not just a project; it's a transformative journey that has left a lasting mark on all persons and organizations engaged in the project. The collaboration, resilience, and tangible outcomes serve as inspiration for what comes next. As we celebrate the achievements of Future Kitchens, we eagerly look forward to the possibilities that the culinary world holds for the students involved in the project, the chefs of tomorrow.

A heartfelt thank you to all participants, institute partners, and students from Campus Du Lac, ESHOB, Gasmek, Ip Colombatto, and Malmö Restaurant School for their significant contributions and active involvement. This project wouldn't have been the same without your enthusiasm and dedication in every phase of its development.