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Future Kitchens Mobility Week In Barcelona

May 16, 2023

Unleashing Culinary Talents

What a successful week it has been for the Future Kitchens project! 


Hosted by Escola Superior d'Hostaleria de Barcelona (ESHOB) in the vibrant city of Barcelona, the mobility week of the project "The Future In Our Kitchens: Social & Sustainable Skills for Culinary Trainees," co-financed by the European Union under the Erasmus+ program, has surpassed all expectations.

From May 2 to 5, Délice Network and partner cooking institutes, including Campus Du Lac (Bordeaux), ESHOB (Barcelona), Malmö Restaurangskola (Malmö), and Istituto Colombatto (Turin), gathered in Barcelona for a remarkable week of knowledge exchange. Regrettably, Gasmek (Gaziantep) was unable to attend, but they continue to be full partners in the project.

This mobility week, aptly named "Bake Talents" offered intensive training where teachers and selected students had the opportunity to participate in a series of culinary classes, sharing techniques and skills. Beyond culinary expertise, this experience immersed participants in a diverse cultural environment, providing invaluable insights and broadening their horizons.


The program, prepared by Délice and the host institute ESHOB, commenced with an engaging day of interaction between students and teachers from all over Europe. They gathered during a "world coffee break", where each participant showcased their city's or country's culinary specialties. In the afternoon, partners eagerly unveiled their Masterclass video recipes, filmed by them within their institutes, which sparked excitement and pride within the Future Kitchens delegation. 

Throughout the week, students had the invaluable opportunity to share their culinary expertise. Teachers organized and supervised two masterclasses, where diverse cuisines were prepared, ranging from rice to paella to tapas. Each school presented a special recipe that added to the culinary extravaganza. And it was a feast!

To foster open-mindedness among the students, engaging discussions focused on the social and sustainability aspects of the culinary industry. We discovered Fundacion Restorantes Sostenibles, represented by Emma Gil Cabanas, the foundation's project manager, and Teba Castano, head of the knowledge Campus. Fundacion Restorantes Sostenibles is a dedicated organization that assists companies and restaurants in responsibly transitioning towards sustainability and a circular economy. Additionally, an inspiring workshop on sustainability in professional kitchens, led by Pili Malagarriga, the co-founder and CEO of Segundo Mundo RSCC, fueled ideas and encouraged participants to explore these vital topics further and integrate them into their daily lives. But the exploration did not stop there! 




The Future Kitchens delegation embarked on a culinary journey through Barcelona's food scene, with guided tours of iconic food markets such as Mercado de La Boqueria, located in the famous street of Barcelona's epicenter, La Rambla, and Mercat de Santa Caterina, an emblematic market steeped in the city's history. 

As a highlight, we relished a memorable dinner at Green Leka Can Valldaura, located in the scenic valley of Cerdanyola. Green Leka is a restaurant committed to sustainability, circularity, and ethical and environmental principles. It offered a gastronomic experience that seamlessly integrated culture, leisure, ethics, and pleasure. Our senses were treated to a feast, indulging in delectable dishes that showcased healthy Mediterranean and Catalan gastronomy, complemented by breathtaking scenery.


Undoubtedly, the lessons learned, the friendships forged, and the skills acquired during this intensive week of training will profoundly shape the careers and perspectives of these talented trainees. Equipped with newfound knowledge and experiences, they are poised to champion a more sustainable, socially responsible, and culturally diverse culinary world.


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