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November 07, 2023

Introducing Whip Up Skills

Future Kitchens is thrilled to announce the launch of its innovative online culinary training program, “Whip Up Skills” under the EU co-funded project, The Future in Our Kitchens: Social & Sustainable Skills for Culinary Trainees. This project results from international cooperation partnerships between vocational culinary training institutes aiming to open the mindset of future cooks and food entrepreneurs.


About the program:

The Whip Up Skills activity is a comprehensive online culinary training program, accessible to everyone for free. Designed to introduce social and sustainable practices in professional kitchens, the program includes thematic cooking masterclasses and engaging discussions with entrepreneurs and professionals. Months of dedicated effort from students, teachers, and industry professionals have been invested in creating this insightful training program, covering a wide range of topics on social responsibility and sustainability.

Our online training program is composed of 5 modules that will be published every week all through November:

Module 1: Introduction to Sustainability and Social Responsibility in the Food Industry.
This module presents essential terms and concepts related to sustainability and responsibility in the food industry.

Module 2: Sustainable Food Sourcing and Production Methods.
This module explores the significance of sustainable food sourcing, highlighting its benefits for the environment and local communities. It also discusses the advantages of incorporating vegetarian meals.

Module 3: Food Waste Reduction.
Focusing on the crucial issue of food waste, this module addresses its major impacts, and methods to reduce waste, and introduces organic techniques like composting and recycling.

Module 4: Social Impact of the Food Industry.
This module emphasizes the role of culinary professionals in the community and stresses the benefits of building relationships with local farmers and producers.

Module 5: Sustainable Kitchen Practices.
The final module concentrates on sustainable kitchen practices, including using energy-efficient equipment, green cleaning methods, and strategies for reducing plastic waste.

Each course publication will be supported by videos from Délice and our partner institutes: Campus Du Lac, ESHOB, Gasmek (Gaziantep), Ip Colombatto, and Malmö Restaurant School.

Empowering Culinary Professionals:

The training program is designed to raise awareness and equip young culinary professionals with the tools necessary to contribute significantly to sustainable practices in the industry. By embracing these modules, participants will gain valuable insights and skills that will help shape the future of culinary practices.

We invite everyone to stay tuned and explore the insightful content our team has passionately developed.

Together, let’s cook up a sustainable future for the culinary world!


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For further information and inquiries:  

Contact Camille Chaumeron-Jourdan, Délice Program Developer / ccj@delice-network.com


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