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Monthly Threat – Local Food Markets

March 24, 2023

Eat Local Kobe's Farmers Market

Délice Monthly Treats: “Taking a break from your routine and grabbing a treat”


The 12th edition of Délice Network's Monthly Treat was held on Thursday, March 23. Addressing the subject of Local Food Markets, we had the pleasure of having the city of Kobe as our guest star, and giving the members the opportunity to learn more about one of their local initiatives: EAT LOCAL KOBE. ”

EAT LOCAL KOBE is a platform that enables the public and private sectors to collaborate in order to promote the local consumption of agricultural and marine products in Kobe. Under the slogan “Think Global, Eat Local” they are conducting four major activities including the Farmers Market and the Farmstand, a market promoting short-circuit. This way consumers and producers can directly interact. And observing a growth in demand for fresh local products they developed the Farmstand, a place where Kobe producers, agricultural and fishing products may be purchased at any time, allowing them to tackle the issue of only meeting once a week. 

Yet, EAT LOCAL KOBE isn’t only founded on the concept of farmers selling their products to consumers. The entire project is designed as a series of initiatives allowing to address the issues found in the region of Kobe. In fact, our speaker presented Micro Farmers School a project enabling people to consider how they may continue their day jobs while pursuing farming as a side business. An innovative concept for the city of Kobe, in the context of the significant decline of farmers. 

This Monthly Treat enabled to learn about how cities deal with environmental and social issues peculiar to their city and region and how they adapt by finding solutions. And even better, it is a way for our members to keep an open- mind and be aware of what happens around the world. 

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Instagram: @eatlocalkobe

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