Délice network

Study tour in Gaziantep

October 19, 2022

Another physical gathering

After a first Study Tour organized by the city of Malmö, it is the turn of Gaziantep to host this year’s one.


Member of the Délice Network since 2018, Gaziantep organized for a delegation of 5 cities a 3-day visit that took place from September 13th to 16th, 2022.

Located in the south of Turkey, Gaziantep has a rich food heritage, and gastronomy is clearly one of the city's top priorities: tourism, agriculture academy, universities…all these sectors work together on the branding of Gaziantep as a gastronomy city. From the farm to the fork, the Delice delegation had the possibility to see all the steps of the process and have a good insight into the Economic Dimension of Branding Activities and the Contribution of Gastronomy Investments to Branding. A program that combined connecting, learning, sharing, and…good food!

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