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The Cioccola-tò Festival 2022

November 09, 2022

Immersion to the Chocolate world in Torino

“A ten-day festival where guests could/can learn about, sample, and view the artistic, historical, and cultural heritage associated with chocolate, from artisanal manufacturing to chocolate-related responsible tourism, with the participation of all the players and locations involved. A journey within Turin to explore the historical locations of Chocolate, but with our eyes and minds in the World, like in Jules Verne's adventure tale. 
Technical developments of our century allow us to connect faster by bringing knowledge and information closer together, and tackle issues related to the chocolate supply chain, from cocoa production to the chocolate consumer.”


The cities of Torino, Brussels, and Lausanne joined forces for a delectable celebration of chocolate, the Cioccola-tò Festival.
Two members of Délice were invited by the city of Torino to participate in this event and speak about chocolate as a gastronomic component and a tool for promoting tourism. The choice naturally went to the cities known for their chocolate expertise. Brussels and Lausanne are two of them.
The festival took place in the heart of the city, between Piazza San Carlo and Via Roma. There were historical landmarks all around the event and visitors could explore historical buildings, displays of historical chocolate-making tools, and other attractions.   


Lausanne and Brussels had the opportunity to speak at the conference: "Chocolate&Tourism: The Tour of the World in Eighty Chocolate Wishes" on the seventh day of this festival. During this meeting, several professionals from different regions, including our two member cities, contributed their knowledge and expertise. With many organizations, educational institutions, and journalists, they shared their knowledge and skills.


Brussels, Peggy Ver Lierde & Grégory François:
Of course, Brussels had to partake in this delectable celebration. Given that it founded/created the renowned praline, the city has an evident love affair with chocolate.
Peggy Ver Lierde & Grégory François, director & manager of the Choco Story Museum, accepted an invitation. Choco Story Museum was opened in 1998, and the museum is dedicated to the exhibition of chocolate and cocoa products and the history of these products in Belgium and elsewhere.


Lausanne, Olivia Bosshart:
It's impossible to deny the connection between Switzerland and chocolate. Therefore, it was crucial that the festival have the chance to learn more from Lausanne. Home to the biggest chocolate brands, it was essential to invite Olivia Bosshart, Press Relations Manager of Lausanne’s Tourism Office who tackled the question of Lausanne chocolate tourism and all the experiences that a city with a "chocolate" tradition can create to catch tourist attention.

See you next year for another yummy chocolate festival, and for learning more about this interesting topic!  


Cioccolatò Festival is:

-    450 000 visitors
-    100 stands
-    Masterclasses, Tastings, Forum rooms,

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