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World Tourism Day in Puebla

September 30, 2020

With guests from Délice cities

The Municipality of Puebla held 3 days of online seminar at the occasion of the World Tourism Day. At this occasion, experts from around the world gave their views and expertise on the importance of developing Rural Tourism around cities. Experiences were shares from a few Délice experts from Gothenburg, Brussels, Lausanne & Tucson.

From September 23rd to 25th was the global celebration of the World Tourism Day.

Usually, around the world, celebrations are organized in various destinations to celebrate the tourism industry and its impact on the economic development of different territories.

This 2020 edition was a bit different. While celebrating tourism in it’s precedent form seems impossible, some destinations still decided to take advantage of this day to this of how the tourism can rise back from the crisis in new forms and taste!

Through a Facebook Live, the Municipality of Puebla invited tourism professionals, students and supporters of the City for a 3-day seminar. The chosen topic was around Rural Tourism.

By choosing this strategic topic, the City of Puebla is looking to find new tourism mechanisms that will bring locals and nationals to discover their own country. And one of the best ways to link a city to it's rural surroundings is definitely FOOD!

At the occasion, Olivier Marette, President of Délice Network and Gastronomy Expert for Visit Brussels, introduced the approach of the Délice Cities to Food & Gastronomy and how we work as a network.

To illustrate the solidarity and support among the Délice members, David Bourdin from Lausanne & Jill Axelsson from Gothenburg presented their innovative experiences on Rural Tourism. Matthew Mars and Rani Olson, from the University of Arizona, partner to the Délice member Tucson, also enlightened the participants with knowledge around Food Systems, Community Development and Entrepreneurial Mindset


View the Sessions on the Facebook Page of the City of Puebla