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03 - 05 May 2022

Cali 2022


A Tribute to Women Chefs

The local partners and ProColombia have decided to honor women chefs and celebrate the transmission of culinary talents.

Within the different communities and from one generation to another, women hold the secrets of traditional recipes and culinary skills. In the markets, in restaurant kitchens, and in the informal sector, the culinary treats of Cali are prepared with care by the women of Cali, pleasing the growing number of visitors from around the world. But many of the secrets of Cali's cuisine remains secret, well held by women in their households.

Six women chefs from Délice Network cities are invited to Cali for an exceptional 4-day journey.

Together with local women chefs, they will be discovering the local products, learning the ancient culinary techniques, and understanding the complexity of the local food culture.

On Friday, May 6, Délice guest Chefs will present their version of iconic local dishes during the "Auténtico Sabor Caleño" (Authentic Cali Flavor) Contest. The Tourism Secretariat of Cali organizes this culinary contest to identify and list the authentic recipes of Cali, to preserve better and promote them.

The competition allows professional and amateur chefs to compete under three different categories: Street Food | Traditional Cooking | Migrant Cuisine. Participants are to send a video, a recipe, and the story of their dish. The selected finalists will meet on May 6 to prepare and present their course to a local jury.

Délice guest Chefs will participate in this local cooking contest under a particular Délice Network category, with a meal and a dessert to be prepared with the support and assistance of a local chef. They will present their version of iconic local dishes through a unique twist from their culinary tradition. The jury will give an important focus to the consideration of sustainability.


Culinary contest

The "auténtico sabor caleño” contest

This contest was created by the District Tourism Secretariat to promote traditional cuisine locally, nationally, and internationally and encourage tourism through new food experiences.

"This contest began as a dream, and we launched it because gastronomy is one of our greatest qualities to sell to the world. We should all know the variety of flavors that are part of the cuisine of Cali", said Stefanía Doglioni, Secretary of District Tourism.

"El Auténtico Sabor Caleño" is aimed at participants in urban and rural areas of Cali, revitalizing and stimulating economic reactivation and the exchange of culinary knowledge.

Twelve winners will be chosen in four categories, highlighting the culinary riches of Cali and supporting economic reactivation:
- Cali urban cuisine,
- Traditional cuisine,
- Migrant cuisine,
- Délice sustainable menu.

Meet the Chefs

Nitisha patel

Chef & Food Consultant
Birmingham (UK)

"When I was 3, I thought cooking was magic. I'd watch my mother and grandmother take simple ingredients and turn them into the most spectacular dishes.
Working in the food industry is extremely difficult. This industry can take you to the highest highs and then to the lowest lows in a matter of days. For any woman looking to train as a chef, remember who YOU are and exactly what you are capable of."

3 main values in her kitchen:
- Integrity for food and ourselves as chefs
- Sustainability & seasonality
- Teamwork & camaraderie


Linnea vihonen

Chef & Food Designer
Helsinki (Finland)

"My love for great ingredients and creating unique experiences for people through food and hospitality, made me become a chef.
My main advice for any woman looking to train as a chef is just to push through. You will fail, you will succeed and there will always be people thinking they know better who you are. Just focus on your own doing and be proud of who you are. You most certainly can do it!"

3 main values in her kitchen:
- Passion
- Courage
- Caring


Amaranta flores salamanca

Chef & Restaurant Owner
Puebla (Mexico)

"I have already discovered the Colombian gastronomic scene through a trip to Bogota. But it will be my first in Valle de Cauca and Cali! I am eager to discover the colorful and multicultural gastronomic richness of the city? I decided to become a chef because I had the ambition to make a positive social and environmental impact through my work. Also, I have great pride in my culture and country. I look forward to this project for a gastronomic enrichment and network with other chefs from Cali and around the world."

3 main values in her kitchen:
- Humility
- Respect
- Empathy


Raegan steinberg

Chef & Restaurant Owner
Montreal (Canada)

"Arepas, corn soup, braised meat, plantains, fish, rice... that comes to mind when I think of Colombian cuisine. But as I have never visited the country, I have yet so much to discover.

My love for food and feeding others made me want to become a chef. Through this project and trip to Colombia, I hope to bring home new recipes, new flavors, and new cooking techniques to my kitchen. "

3 main values in her kitchen:
- Always prefer fresh
- Go for the best quality ingredients
- Keep it simple and flavourful.


Vanesa sosa

Chef & Restaurant Owner
Merida (Mexico)

"Potato, fruit, corn, white rice, and coffee...that is what my mind sees when thinking of food in Colombia. I have never been to Colombia, and through this project, I hope to discover different ingredients, cooking techniques, and different flavors.
Cooking is definitely passed on from generations in my family. My grandmother used to cook very well. Her dad was Chinese, and her mom was Mexican. They cooked with mixing techniques and ingredients from both countries. My dad learned from her and then inspired me to learn."

3 main values in her kitchen:
- Discipline
- Commitment.


Clara freitas

Brussels (Belgium)

"I am originally from Brazil and starting my culinary journey through pastry! After arriving in Brussels, I trained to become a chef following the Belgian-French culinary practices. I hope to discover a new and rich food culture during this first trip to Colombia. I expect to meet good people and learn from local chefs through this project. I imagine that the food in Colombia is very diversified and specific from one region to the other. I am also interested in seeing the different influences: Spanish, African, Arabic, but also Indigenous, through the corn culture."

3 main values in her kitchen:
- Intuition
- Discipline