Délice network
03 - 05 May 2022

Cali 2022


About Cali


Ask any Colombian what Cali is known for, and two things will immediately come to mind: salsa music and amazing food.  From world-renowned specialty coffee, exotic fruit, and coconut-infused seafood stews, to fried delicacies featuring corn and plantain-- Cali has something delicious for everyone to try.


Cali’s gastronomy is a reflection of its culture, of course: a three-million-strong melting pot of Afro-Colombian, Indigenous, and mestizo inhabitants.

Cali is honored to be the first South-American city to host Délice Network. We wish for these few days to present the strong commitment of the food partners to make Cali a tasty and sustainable food capital.



Fast facts

Cali, colombia

Official Name: Santiago de Cali
Department: Valle del Cauca
Country: Colombia

1 188 gastronomic establishments
80.5% serve typical Colombian dishes
69.9% use local food

Inhabitants: 2 075 380 Caleño in 2005
3rd biggest City of Colombia

Currency: Colombian Peso (COP / $)
1 000 COP = 0.25 USD = 0.22 EUR