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23 - 25 Sep 2019



Stavanger 2019

Food and Gastronomy in a SMART city

The 2019 Annual General Meeting took place from September 23 to 25, in Stavanger, South-West of Norway in the frame of the Nordic Edge Expo. A three-day program of networking and experience sharing among Délice members. The AGM was also the opportunity for the official newly elected Executive committee to begin their 3-year mandate.


Stavanger: a strong food city

It was the second time Stavanger hosted a Délice gathering. But the city has strongly evolved in its work around food & gastronomy. Today, the food pantry of Norway is developing numerous activities and initiatives to welcome innovative and talented food entrepreneurs but also to make sure that the local food production is proposed to the people of Stavanger. 


Sustainable Food in the MICE Market

The AGM was held during the Nordic Edge Expo, attracting 5000 people from around the world to discuss SMART Cities. As a food city, Stavanger decided to place food at the top of the visitors' experience in Stavanger. By holding a discussion on how to improve the quality & sustainability of the food offered in the MICE events, Stavanger has proven to be a leading city, innovating in all sectors.

Video: 6 key actions for sustainable food in the MICE market


The Chef Challenge

To prove to the congress men and woman that tasty, healthy and sustainable food can be offered to large parties in congress center, the city of Stavanger invited 7 chefs from Délice cities to come to cook in the expo hall. Their dishes were elaborated from local products but with their local twist.

Chefs from Barcelona, Brussels, Gaziantep, Kobe, Riga, Torino & Tucson participated in this great adventure, spending a full week in Stavanger, meeting with fellow chefs and taking over this unique challenge.


For all details about the gathering and conclusions of the discussions, view the official General Report


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