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29 May - 02 Jun 2023



Malmö 2023

Food Sustainability and Beyond


Every year, all Délice members are invited to Délice Network Annual General Meeting. A much-anticipated gathering where all members come together to discuss and exchange views on the development of the network and a particular subject. The city of Malmö hosted this year’s meeting from May 30th till June 2nd, 2023, and introduced the following topic: Food Sustainability and Beyond.

The current global context offers us a fascinating occasion for discussion. Finding solutions that go beyond those already proposed, exploring new perspectives, and collaborating are key opportunities for the food and gastronomy sector.


Malmö: a city with a strong identity in Food & Sustainability 


Malmö is Sweden's third largest city after Stockholm and Gothenburg and is located in the south of the country. A city that’s increasingly accessible, linked not only to Denmark by the famous Öresund Bridge, but to the rest of Europe, by efficient and sustainable public transportation.
Malmö is a vibrant and sustainable city with a thriving food scene. Its commitment to sustainability and innovative practices makes it an exciting destination for food enthusiasts and environmentalists. With its commitment to a greener future, the city of Malmö is quickly becoming a model for cities around the world hosting huge green events such as the ICLEI World Congress. 
The city also hosts a range of food-related events, such as The Falafel Championship, Street Food Festival, Malmö Festival and more.


Food Sustainability and Beyond


In recent years, the concept of food sustainability has gained significant attention and has become a pressing global concern. As our planet faces environmental challenges and an ever-growing population, ensuring a sustainable food system has become crucial for the well-being of both present and future generations. However, the idea of food sustainability incorporates many other elements that are necessary for a reliable and ethical food system. It goes beyond simply producing enough food or consuming locally.

This is why Délice Network, has brought together all its members to explore new ways of consuming and developing gastronomy. The goal is to push members to a new reflection on a new sustainable and socially ethical approach without significantly disrupting a city's economy. The discussions highlighted the value and importance of food sustainability while also focusing on looking beyond it.



82 participants from 22 Délice Network Member Cities and School Food for Change Project partners gathered in Malmö! 

With an insightful program that included: 


- Interventions by experts from all over the world
- Eleven Délice Network Best Practice Sessions
- Roundtable & Workshop with international and local chefs: “Beyond Sustainability”
- Workshops about food as a way to remodel social realities and overcome environmental challenges  
- Field visits 
- Dining in the city's most sustainable restaurants

And more...

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A great discovery of the beautiful Malmö with Délice Network, a wonderful occasion to learn, share & connect!



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