Délice network
27 - 29 Oct 2020

Online AGM with focus on Merida


Online Annual General Meeting 2020

Analyzing the consequences of the Covid Crisis on our food cities

For this 100% online gathering, focus on the city of Mérida, Mexico. All members from around the globe were invited to some of the 11 online sessions to proposed in the program. 27 member cities and 2 guest cities took part, from all accross the globe. Review the sessions and main achievements here!


Analyzing the consequences of the Covid Crisis on our Food Cities


Considering the exceptional year we are in and the strong impact this crisis has had on the food sector of all worldwide cities, the network invited experts to give us a projection in the future to understand how this crisis will impact our food cities in the longer term.

Carolyn Steel, author and architect specialized in food & cities proposed key-note on "How Food Can Save the World.

Carolyn brought us back in time to understand how our food cities were built and how our connection with what we eat has evolved over the past centuries. This time machine helped us better understand the challenges our food systems are facing today and the urgent need to act. The Covid Crisis has not only shown the limits of the current system, it has also enabled citizens from around the world to take some time and reconnect with what they eat.


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Hans Steenbergen, trendswatcher on food and co-founder of the Food Inspiration Magazine proposed "The Big Reset".

Disruption and Evolution: that is Hans's vision of the Big Reset of the industry. The Covid crisis has certainly brought huge disruption in the way people approach Food Service. The heavy restrictions and sanitary measures set-up in restaurants around the world have forced professionnals to adapt. But behind the short term impacts of the crisis lies long term evolutions that the sector is experiencing. 


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Workshops: Food Cities in Time of Covid


3 workshops were set-up for Délice representatives to share their expertise and knowledge on the main challenges the cities are facing today. Through these dynamic sessions, they were able to think of innovative projects that could be set-up on their own cities 

- City Marketing: How can we use our Food Culture to develop new forms of tourism in our cities ?

- Public Policies: Connecting the local food value-chain to become more autonomous food cities

Food & Beverage Sector: Supporting the industry in its evolution to preserve the food culture and quality of the offer

Access the results of the 3 workshops here


Focus on Mérida


In replacement of the 3-day program that was set to take place in Mérida, the Municipality innovated to bring Mérida to the Délice partners.

As the initial topic of the gathering would have been on food project for social development, a gift box was designed by the Mérida partners and sent to the registered participants. It included ingredients and food produced by social businesses, with high consideration for the environment and social welfare. Chocolate, Honey, Spices and sauces composed this beautiful gift Made in Mérida

In addition, through a video, Secretary of Tourism Eduardo Seijo Solis presented the city and it's surroundings: the founding of the capital with a historical background and what makes Mérida so special today. Later, Eduardo detailed how Food is being used as an important driver for economic development, social integration and international promotion.

For sure a city that deserves to be on the Délice Map!




Introduction to Délice Network


A 60-minute session was designed to introduce the organization to non-regular members. Understanding what bring the Délice cities together, the purpose of the organization, our approach to food & gastronomy and how it serves its members.

Through the testimony of 3 member cities, any interested partner can understand how to take part in the dynamic

Review the session Introduction to Délice Network here



Welcoming a new member: Tbilisi, Georgia


The tradition in Délice gatherings is to welcome any new member with great attention. And this year, an exceptional city has joined the network: Tbilisi, Capital City of Georgia.

With one of the most ancient and well preserved Food Culture, Tbilisi has strong assets to develop as a thriving, attractive and sustainable food city. The Municipality in charge of Economic Development & Tourism has chosen gastronomy as a key pillar for their activities.

Through this presentation, the team presents the main challenges faced by the city and the projects accomplished so far. And through a discussion with the Délice members, different fields of collaboration are explored