Délice network

"Cities at the table" in Lyon

October 07, 2022

Episode 2

Earlier this year, Délice Network, in partnership with Food Cities, presented the project "Cities At The Table": a series of videos with actors from different cities discussing various topics around their city’s food strategy, priorities, values, and accomplishments.

After the success of the first episode filmed in Birmingham, it is the turn of the city of Lyon to take a seat at the table. Indeed, in this second episode, we discover three participants representing the famous "gastronomie lyonnaise":

- Naïs Pirollet, French candidate for Bocuse d’Or 2022, the first woman ever to represent France at this famous global contest.

- Gautier Chapuis delegate to the mayor of Lyon in charge of local food and food security since 2020.

- Diane Dupré La Tour, co-founder of “Les Petites Cantines,” a non-profit neighborhood canteen, where people meet each other through sustainable and participatory meals at a price each person fixes.

They came together to discuss their respective experiences with cooking and how this promotes social bonds. Each of them has a different relationship with cooking. Throughout this episode, the topic of universal access to good food was highlighted by promoting local production and allowing easier access to good and organic food. All this, by combining learning, sharing, connecting...and gastronomy!

Come and discover this second episode dedicated to Lyon!