Even though Cali has gained recognition as the salsa capital of the world, over the last years, its gastronomy has attracted the attention of its visitors to a point where it has acquired a protagonist role.

And the truth is that, this city of southwestern Colombia, which is the gastronomic epicenter of Valle del Cauca, is one of the richest and most varied in the country.

The multi-ethnic and diverse cultures in the region converge to create an exceptional gastronomic scene. The cuisine of this agricultural region par excellence, is characterized by having an immense amount of ingredients thanks to its privileged geographical location. This cuisine, is characterized by exquisite mixture of tastes, textures, and fragances that uses local products from the Western and Central Andes mountain and from the wild coasts of the Pacific Ocean. 



Cali's gastronomic routes were made to identify the process of development and socio-cultural transformation of Santiago de Cali, through its varied gastronomic offer in which the identification of the flavors and knowledge of traditional cuisines prevails.     


Petronio Álvarez

The Festival of Music Petronio Álvarez or simply "El Petronio", is an event dedicated to the music and gastronomy of Colombian Pacific Folklore. One of its main events is Pacífico Cocina,  the largest gastronomical festival of the Colombian southwest region. During three days every year, and with more than 6.000 attendees, Pacífico Cocina is one of the largest culinary festivals of Latin America. The pacific cuisine is the protagonist of this event, which congregates both national and international visitors.



Fruits, vegetables, and Pacific food are the main ingredients in one of the most important markets of Colombia. The perfect place to immerse yourself in the city’s gastronomy is La Galeria Alameda, located in a market square of one of Cali’s most traditional neighborhoods with the same name. 

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