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Lausanne is surrounded by a lake, mountains, forests and countryside. This nature can be found in the city gastronomy, with more than 600 restaurants and 15 Michelin stars!

From the traditional Pinte to the Brasserie, through gastronomic restaurant, Lausanne culinary offer is rich and diverse.Lausanne market, with more than 150 booths, is renowned and allows everyone to taste our wonderful terroir.Lausanne is also located in a wine-producing region, Lavaux (registered on the UNESCO world heritage), which offers globally recognized wines.Lastly, Lausanne Ecole Hôtelière, oldest hotel school in the world, brings an international outreach to the city. 


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Lausanne à Table association offers around 50 gourmet events all year long and welcomes more than 50 000 participants for each edition. Fleeting meals, children workshops, gigantic picnics… a diverse, convivial and accessible program!



Organized by Lausanne à Table, The Miam Festival is an event gathering tens of thousands of participants in the city center during Pentecost weekend. Food trucks, restaurateurs, caterers or producers are carefully selected. This festival was selected among the top 10 best European festivals by the Telegraph. 



Lausanne wines auction is a living tradition, shared since 1803 and registered as Vaudois intangible cultural heritage since 2014. During Lausanne wine auction, wines from the harvest of the year are sold “en primeur”, before bottling.


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