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The traditional gastronomy in the city of Puebla is over four centuries old, mixing ingredients and techniques of Pre-Hispanic, European, Asian and Lebanese origins. It results in a cuisine with local charm and national renown, symbolized by the “Mole Poblano” and the “Chile en Nogada”.

Ingredients such as corn, beans, chilli, tomato, avocado and insects, play a fundamental role in Mexican and Puebla cuisine. These local found Mesoamerican ingredients withstood the Spanish conquest and are still present today in the food scene.

UNESCO has recognized the gastronomy of the entire country since 2010 as “Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity” and today Puebla stands like The Capital of the traditional Mexican cuisine. Despite the globalization, the people of Puebla value their heritage and keep using ancestral ingredients, old ways of cooking and culinary traditions, passing them through generations.



"Mesas Poblanas" is a quality certification for restaurants that represent the multicultural legacy of the City of Puebla. It distinguishes 17 gourmet and 12 traditional establishments, both with the most innovative gastronomic offer keeping the traditional recipes that have given an identity and prestige to our cuisine. The certification also establishes service parameters to give guest and visitors full certainty of the hospitable city that Puebla is.

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Festivals & Exhibitions

The Tourism Office of the City of Puebla has had the initiative to participate in touristic and gastronomic festivals and events (both national and international) and to prepare gastronomy exhibitions in order to show Puebla cuisine and its ingredients. In every case, Puebla aims to transmit knowledge about its gastronomic heritage through historical documents, recipes, tradicional ingredients and samples of traditional dishes such as “Chile en Nogada” and “Mole Poblano”.



“The Gastronomic Calendar” is a pocket book that shows the local products, and the most special and traditional dishes month after month. This Project highlights the strong link between Puebla gastronomy and seasonal products, considering the traditions linked to the cultural heritage and ancestral ingredients.

This pocket book is free and distributed every season in the city of Puebla.


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