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Malmö, Sweden’s third largest city, is a bit of a rebel on the food scene. Here, vegan is the new black, and our local food entrepreneurs are always pushing the sustainability envelope, which means that a meal eaten in Malmö is likely to be just as satisfying for the planet as for the diner.

A young and diverse population has shaped the food culture in Malmö, making it unpretentious and fun. Street food is taken extremely seriously here, and locals will argue passionately about where to find the best falafel. At the same time, the arrival of the first Nordic Michelin guide revealed that Malmö also punches well above its weight when it comes to fine dining. 

Malmö is located in the county of Skåne, traditionally the larder of Sweden and a true haven for any foodie, boasting an abundance of small scale organic producers. It is no wonder, then, that Malmö has so many restaurants and cafes with a terroir-driven approach. Visitors can enjoy locally sourced, fresh produce at their tables, get it straight from one of our local food heroes at the many artisanal shops, or at the bustling food market.


Museum of

Disgusting Food

The museum is the first of a kind in the whole world! The exhibit has 80 of the world’s most disgusting foods. Adventurous visitors will appreciate the opportunity to smell and taste some of these notorious foods. Do you dare smell the world’s stinkiest cheese? Or taste sweets made with metal cleansing chemicals? 


Food Caravan

Matkaravan - Food Caravan have been conducting guided food tours in Malmö and Skåne for twenty years. Its no. 1 priority is to explore, strengthen and deepen the relationship and connection between food, people and culture in our society. The food tours is done in close collaboration with the people behind the food scene in Malmö. Expect the unexpected! Our aim is to inspire you to look at flavors, foods and ingredients in new ways and find inspiration to bring Malmö and the world in to your own kitchen. Food Caravan takes you behind the (food)scene, tells the story of the city and its citizens in connection to Sweden’s and Malmö’s cultural heritage by sampling the different culinary heritages of Malmö. We invite you to walk, talk and get to taste the past, present and the future of food in our region and discover the vibrant multicultural and alternative food DNA of Malmö. 



Food Council


Malmö Food Council wants to lift Malmö's rich and vibrant food culture to new heights by working towards a strengthened and inclusive more transparent sustainable local food system. We do this by bringing together actors - individuals and organizations - from different sectors who see food as the key to a sustainable future for all Malmö residents. We can and must learn from each other's experiences in order to better understand our unique local food scape and food culture. With this collective knowledge, we strive towards a deeper understanding of Malmö's local food system in order to actively work to promote food’s importance in our society, how it affects us on all levels in our daily lives and how we can use food as a strategic tool for positive changemaking – ultimately it foster impactful collective action to build a sustainable, delicious and exemplary local food system. Malmö is where it’s at.


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