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"Cities at the Table" Video Series

April 05, 2022

New Project!

Délice Network is thrilled to announce the launch of a new exciting project for the network:

 All around the world, cities are developing strategies around Food & Gastronomy:
- offering employment & entrepreneurship opportunities,
- improving sustainability and health of citizens,
- promoting the local culture to visitors,
- developing social cohesion… there are many outcomes to a well-designed local food strategy.

Created by Délice Network, the series “Cities at the Table” aims to shed light on how different cities work on food: their priorities, values, and accomplishments.

Through a discussion and a shared meal between a Policy Maker, a Chef & a local food specialist, dive into the food cultures of the Délice Network cities and understand their work!


Check out the first episode dedicated to Birmingham!

Chef Matthew Knight welcomes Councilor Paulette Hamilton & Food Activist Yumna Hussen to his kitchen….at Hillstone Primary School!
Together they will share a meal and discuss the key priorities for Birmingham: bringing good food into schools, promoting the diversity of food cultures, and growing a food movement through action from local communities to international partnerships like Food Cities 2022.

Discover the Birmingham Food Revolution!


Episode 2 is in the oven...it will take you to Lyon!

The Cities at the Table episodes are available to screen during events and gatherings around Food & Cities.


Curious to know more?

- For more information regarding the Cities at the Table video project, please contact Délice Network Main Office.
- For more information on the Food Movement of Birmingham, contact florence.pardoe@foodfoundation.org.uk