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Heartfelt gratitude and best whishes

January 17, 2023

Another year with Délice

 Here we are in 2023!

We would like to wish you all a beautiful and joyful New Year 2023!
May it be filled with joy, connection, and inspiration!
We are grateful for all the memories we’ve created this year and the ones we’ll make in the new year.




Certainly, the year 2022 was a fruitful one, with several initiatives and collaborations taking place all across the world. Thank you to all of our members for your contributions.


The year started very strong with a collaboration between three cities thanks to the Quai du Polar project. In honor of the festival of literature, the cities of Lisbon (Portugal) and Cape Town (South- Africa) were invited to Lyon to deal with detective stories. It was a moment of discovery and a special night where the invited chefs from Lisbon and Cape Town met the writers and discussed cities, detective fiction, and gastronomy.


Members were able to attend festivals and collaborate. With inter-city partnerships such as Pueblo del Maiz, a festival centered around corn with the cities of Tucson, Merida, Puebla, and San Antonia. This festival rotated during different weekends in the four cities.

Stavanger's Lerving brewery and Brussels' Brasserie de la Senne beer were both featured at the Gladmat Festival in Stavanger. They introduced a recipe they had created together.

On the occasion of the Terra Madre exhibition, Turin welcomed a delegation from the city of Wroclaw. An excellent opportunity for high-class cuisine experts to exchange experiences and information about various subjects, including climate change and ongoing changes in multiple ecosystems.


Lausanne had the pleasure of receiving a Stavanger delegation with an insightful program filled with discoveries of the region's specialties.




The city of Torino hosted the "Cioccola-to" chocolate festival in the heart of their city center. And what better city to call than Brussels and Lausanne, both recognized for their delectable chocolate craft? 




During 2022 we also had the opportunity to all meet under two destinations and gatherings.
In May, the city of Cali hosted the annual Délice gathering. A meeting dedicated to “Local Economic Development” and 6 Délice chefs from Brussels, Birmingham, Helsinki, Mérida, Montréal, and Puebla were invited to a special program, “A Tribute to Women Chef”. An awesome way to explore and navigate through Calian gastronomy and culture.



In September, it was the city of Gaziantep that had the pleasure of presenting its vibrant city as well as its gastronomy. A Study Tour under the topic of “Branding”. It was a genuine cultural exchange and experience for the guest. 




More projects and collaborations with Cities at The Table. We celebrated Délice’s 15th anniversary with the launch of “Cities at The Table”. A mini-series of videos that involved three cities Birmingham, Lyon, and Pune. 




Délice’s involvement in two European programs, School Food 4 Change and Future In Our Kitchens. Two exciting projects that involve sustainable food and of which Délice is extremely proud to partake in. 




Wishing for a year filled with more opportunities to learn from each other, share and connect