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Torino was once the capital of Italy and is today the capital of taste, as well as master in the art of “bon vivre”, a real local talent that both locals and tourists cultivate, especially when it comes to eating.

Torino’s is the meeting point where royal and aristocratic, middle class and peasant food all meet and its cuisine is a perfect blend that makes it sober and yet refined, worthy of a royal banquet, but also ideal for ending the day after an outing in the countryside.

Torino and its province can offer the right taste for every moment of the day and every occasion... tradition and innovation are the key words for embarking on a delicious journey!

Typical Piedmontese


“Typical Piedmontese cuisine” is an initiative gathering all the restaurants proposing every weekend a different traditional dish of the local cuisine. On the tables of Torino the typical delicacies and old local recipes are the undisputed protagonist of a tradition today as alive as ever, passed on through the centuries with undiminished care in the choice of raw materials.

Terra Madre

Slow Food Festival

Every two years Terra Madre- Salone del Gusto offers the best of international agricultural and food production without, however, forgetting local farming realities, to which different events are dedicated and celebrated in the city’s streets and squared (all organized by Slow Food).



The Merenda Reale is a delicious and relaxing break in the magnificent setting of the Royal residences or historical cafés of Torino. Ideal for experiencing an unforgettable moment and a pause of sweetness following the peculiar customs of 18th century courts. Truly a king’s afternoon, to flavor lost emotions savouring a delicious hot chocolate prepared with the old court recipe and accompanied by other tasty delicacies of the noble art of pastry making in Torino


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